At Robinson Electric, we understand first-hand the challenges you face in preventing the destruction of vegetation by animals. Much of your landscaping may be exotic and costly, and protecting it is a high priority. On the other hand, the safety of the animals is paramount, and should not be sacrificed to save a few plants.

That's why HOTGRASS™ was invented. This patent-pending system is the ideal way to protect your investments in both your plants and your animals. Its innovative fanned design allows the device to blend in with the vegetation, making Hot Grass much more aesthetically pleasing than traditional electrified fencing. Once the plants have had a short time to grow around HOTGRASS™, your guests will hardly notice it's there.


Safety Is Our Home Turf

HOTGRASS™ "blades" are highly flexible, ensuring the greatest level of safety possible. If an animal brushes against HOTGRASS™, they do receive a shock - the same voltage as a traditional electric fence. However, HOTGRASS™ flexibility prevents animals from getting caught in the device. Small animals, animals with horns, or any others currently at risk of entrapment by an electrified fence will feel the shock and be warned away from the area, but will not be in danger.

Complete Customization

HOTGRASS™ can be modified to accommodate any area. The fanned design allows for placement in small, low-to-the ground vegetation, or among large bushes and trees. HOTGRASS™ can even be used in non-vegetated areas, to prevent animals from wandering into (or out of) proscribed spaces. Again, the safety of the animals is ensured.

Why Our Grass Really Is Greener

San Diego-based Robinson Electric has over 40 years of experience as commercial electricians with expertise in design and build lighting, facility services, national accounts, emergency power services, data cabling and commercial property management. The length and breadth of our experience gives us an unparalleled level of knowledge about our products, as well as the best installation methods. Our current clients include the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park. Robinson Electric specializes in problem-solving for our clients' unique needs, which in the case of the San Diego Zoo, led to the development of Hot Grass. This emphasis on making customer requirements our priority has resulted in client relationships of 10, even 15 years. Our membership in NECA, the National Electrical Contractors Association, confirms our commitment to professionalism and continuous upgrading of our education and services.

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